Hibbing Raceway Kids' Club
Kids' Club starts at 5:30 p.m. every Saturday night!

The 2015 season is full of all kinds of fun for the whole family - including KIDS!

Be sure to sign-up for the 2015 Kids' Club at the start of the season!

The Hibbing Raceway Kids' Club is held weekly and is located near the North ticket gate. Kids' Club members should "check in" every time they participate in weekly events.

Kids' Club events are normally held during hot laps, but if there is something planned that takes up more time, then there will also be events during intermission.

Be sure to check our Schedule of Events for special KIDS' events throughout the season.

In the meantime, get your kids involved in one of the greatest family sporting events - Dirt Track Racing! 

Kids Bike Safety Starts at 5:45
Kids who are interested in participating in the Kids' Bicycle Races (at intermission) must sign-up by 6:30 so we can determine appropriate age groupings! Bike races at intermission. Bicycle racers must meet at the pit gate before Late Model heats! 

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