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Track Championships Settled in Hibbing

posted Aug 27, 2013, 8:14 AM by Jaimie Niska   [ updated Aug 27, 2013, 8:14 AM ]

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- With the Annual Labor Day Shootout just off in the horizon, it would be easy for competitors to lose focus on the remaining night of regular racing action but there was still plenty of business to take care of on “Salute the Troops Night” presented by Liquor Cabinet and the Brickyard Bar and Grill. In addition, the Pure Stocks closed out their season with a special event after concluding point racing last week.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds pick up where they left off the previous week and featured a four car and sometimes four wide battle for the lead in the early going. Dylan Miller led the first several circuits fending off Nick Daronoco, and the Estey brothers Mack and Skeeter. While Miller held true to his bottom groove, Mack Estey ventured up top and began to pick up steam eventually racing around the leader. A couple laps later, Mack’s brother Skeeter slipped through as well. Mack however had already built a commanding lead and never looked back to pick up his second feature win of the year. By virtue of his second place finish, Skeeter Estey clinched the track title for the second time.

Due to the Powder Puff races later in the evening and the fact the Pure Stocks were racing their special event, the feature was bumped up in the running order. Ryan Anderson and Michael Blevins brought the 24 car field to life and Blevins took the point at the drop of the green. Seven cautions marred the race and so racing over the 25 lap main event was done mostly in short spurts. Positions behind Blevins changed nearly every restart and eventually two time winner Gary Ruzich found his way into second. Ruzich attempted to challenge the leader late in the race but was unable to and began to backslide as laps wound down. Jerry Ramey retook second from Ruzich and Kevin Davey came along to take third. The running order remained the same to the finish as Blevins put a cap on his dominating season. Shaina Rapp later scored the win in the Pure Stock Powder Puff race.

Much like the Pure Stocks, the WISSOTA Super Stocks seemed to struggle to find a hold on the race track. Their struggles didn’t come in the form of cautions but they were only able to utilize the bottom groove, making passing difficult once the field spread out. Andy Davey wasted little time finding that bottom groove as he moved up from the third row to move into second. In front of Davey, leader Tom Cianni had found the first several laps easy going as he cruised out front. Davey however was able to close the gap on the leader and slip underneath to take the lead. Cianni tried to rally using the middle groove but soon found he needed to move down to make any headway. Derek Vesel also moved underneath Cianni but wasn’t able to chase down the leader as Davey rolled to the win. Tyler Kintner had already clinched the track championship for the second year in a row just by taking the green flag and finished third.

The WISSOTA Modifeds entered their feature race with one of the tightest point races at the top. Kelly Estey led Jeff Hart but seven points before the drop of the green flag. Unlike the Super Stocks, the Modifieds found the high-side early on as Brad Hanson used it to blast off to the lead. Hanson quickly stretched his lead while Ricky Roche and Bob Broking battled hard behind him. Before long, 9th starting Estey joined the mix to make it  a three-car race for second. With Hanson out front comfortably, Estey snuck past Roche and Broking as they were busy slugging it out. A caution before the halfway point erased Hanson’s advantage but on the restart, Hanson went right back to work, blazing around the outside and turning down the track out of turn two. Estey kept Hanson within reach and slowly began to inch forward and by lap 18, the duo were side by side for the lead. Hanson continued to race ahead down the straights but one slight slip in turn four gave Estey the break he needed to clear Hanson and take over up front. Hanson tried to rally back to no avail as Estey score the win for the second straight week and won the track championship for the second straight year.

Much like the Super Stocks, the WISSOTA Late Model track championship was decided as the green flag flew for the feature. Harry Hanson simply had to start the race to secure enough points to be crowned champion. In the race, Jeff Provinzino charged past Gregg Hill and Zach Wohlers to lead early on. Provinzino took off from the pack leaving them to battle for second and appeared to be well on his way to a win when a mid-race caution slowed action. On the restart, third running Wohlers suddenly came to life using the top edge of the race track. Wohlers rocketed around Provinzino and began to pull away in his new found groove. Lap after lap, Wohlers grew his lead as he raced through the back of the field and he never looked back, scoring a convincing victory.

Regular racing may be concluded but there is still more action planned for Hibbing Raceway in On Saturday, September 7, the AMA Flat Track Racing group comes to town presented by Chisholm/Hibbing Path Blazers Snowmobile Club. Then there is a tentative Auto Value Enduro scheduled for Tuesday, September 10.  For more information on these two events, visit or call (218) 262-2324.


Broking Rallies in Hibbing

posted Aug 13, 2013, 1:02 PM by Jaimie Niska

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- Heading into City of Chisholm Merchant Nights at Hibbing Raceway, there many issues to be settled on many fronts, and while some have been, many items remain heading into the final weeks before the Annual Labor Day Shootout. Several point races are tight and will remain so following the evening’s racing action. 103 race teams turned out in front of another strong crowd to continue recent momentum at Hibbing Raceway.

Following go-kart racing during intermission, Jerry Vesel charged past Don Craig to lead the opening two laps of the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature before a lap 2 caution. On the restart, Skeeter Estey used the high-side to charge from fifth to first after the restart and appeared he was about to set sail but his brother Mack moved into second and began to challenge for the lead. As the brother tandem raced closely together at up front, the rest of the field was scrambled for position. Eventually Skeeter began to pull away from his brother Mack using his preferred top line and rode it all the way to the finish for the win. Mack would settle for second while Devin Vanhouse rounded out the podium in what likely vaulted him to the point lead with just two weeks remaining.

In the WISSOTA Super Stock feature, pole-sitter Reed Scott charged out to the lead and held the point over the first four laps while third row starters Kevin Burdick and Tyler Kintner moved in to challenge. A lap five caution reset the field and on the restart, Kintner used the bottom groove to find his way past into the lead. Burdick also slipped past and at times pulled alongside Kinter using the top but ultimately Kintner held strong despite several restarts in the middle of the race to pick up his second straight win. All three of the top point contenders finished within the top five in a battle that is surely to come down to the final week.

In what was likely the most entertaining race of the night, Ken Mosteller jumped out front to lead the initial two circuits before giving way to Jeff Broking after a lap three restart. With Broking out front, point leader Kelly Estey moved into second and began cutting into Broking’s lead using the high-side of the race track. Estey used that momentum to vault around Broking on lap 8 and began to edge away. Broking continued his path on the bottom was the top two separated from the rest of the field. With Estey out front by nearly ten cars on lap 15, Broking’s bottom groove began to come back to life and by lap 20, they were once again nearly side by side. Broking continued to dig on the bottom and made the winning pass with three laps remaining. Estey tried to rally to no avail as Broking rolled to his second feature win of 2013 in Hibbing.

Unlike the Modified feature, the WISSOTA Late Model feature was decided well before the late stages of the race. Tom Waseleski raced from the second row to lead the first lap while second was up for grabs between several cars. Waseleski stretched his advantage the first few laps before a lap 5 caution stopped the race. When action resumed, Jeff Provinzino moved in using the bottom groove to challenge Waseleski and took two laps to take over up front. Once out front, Provizino immediately began to stretch his lead while Waseleski fended off challenges from Travis Budisalovich and Zach Wohlers. Budisalovich found the outside of the track to his liking and moved in to second and appeared to be cutting into Provinzino’s lead. Before Budisalovich could gain touch with the leader, Provinzino again began to pull away and cruised to the finish to pick up the win.

The Pure Stocks closed out the evening in an eventual main event that featured four cautions and multiple other spins. Vic Westerlund bolted to the lead on the initial start in search of his first win of 2013 and things looked good in the early part of the race. Multiple cautions slowed action but each time, Westerlund would slip away from the hornet’s nest behind him. Several cars swapped positions but multiple cautions kept the race from gaining any flow. Every restart was a different story as the race neared the later stages, second running Joey Ramey spun forcing multiple cars to check up. Hard charging Michael Blevins took advantage as he raced around the outside to move into second while the rest of the field regrouped. Blevins immediately moved in on the leader Westerlund and made his move up high to take over. Blevins held Westerlund at bay the rest of the way to score his sixth win of the year.

Racing on Saturday, August 17 will feature increased stakes. Not only are point battles coming down to the wire, winners will receive an automatic bid to the Amsoil Race of Champions in Huron, South Dakota during the Annual WISSOTA 100 weekend. In addition, beer truck races will take place after the evening’s events and will be presented by Sunny Hill Distributors, Bud Light, and Hardees. For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324



WISSOTA Late Models: Feature- Jeff Provinzino, Travis Budisalovich, Greg Ferris, Zach Wohlers, Tom Waseleski, Riley Matthews, Bobby Carlson, Mark Heile, Greg Hill, Kyle Gavel, Terry Lillo, Don Frider, Harry Hanson, George Ledin, Roger Paolo, Tim Carlson, Lou Cianni, Jim Morris, Jeff Massingill, Mike Vajdl, Kyle Peterlin

 Heat 1- Budisalovich, Waseleski, Hanson, Matthews, Paolo, Vajdl, Frider

Heat 2- Ferris, Gavel, Ledin, Morris, Hill, Cianni, Lillo

Heat 3- Heinle, Provinzino, Wohlers, Massingill, B.Carlson, Carlson, Peterlin


WISSOTA Modifieds: Feature- Jeff Broking, Kelly Estey, Jeff Hart, Ken Mosteller, Cory Sersha, Jeff Wood, Sam Skalsky, Brad Hanson, Ricky Roche, Paul Schultz, Cory Jorgensen, John Baltich, John Carpenter, Rick Niemi, Bob Broking, Johnny Broking, Marc Damjanovich, Josh Beaulieu, Rick Cannata

Heat 1- Jo.Broking, Je.Broking, Estey, Hart, Sersha, Niemi, Wood, Roche, Broking, Baltich

Heat 2- Skalsky, Schultz, Mosteller, Jorgensen, Cannata, Carpenter, Beaulieu, Hanson, Damjanovich


WISSOTA Super Stocks: Feature- Tyler Kintner, Kevin Burdick, Andy Davey, Reed Scott, Derek Vesel, Andy Labarge, Dalton Carlson, Jeremy Fink, Kyle Oman, Bob Kintner, Kevin Salin, John Toppozini, Loren Tardy, Eric Pierzina, Frank Paolo, Trevor Arens, Tom Ciannai, Steve Stavenger

Heat 1- Burdick, T.Kintner, Davey, Cianni, Carlson, Salin, Tardy, Toppozini, Pierzina

Heat 2- Labarge, Vesel, Kintner, Scott, Fink, Stavenger, Oman, Arens, Paolo

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: Feature- Skeeter Estey, Mack Estey, Devin Vanhouse, Jerry Vesel, Andy Davey, Bill Matzdorf, Mark Kangas, Dan Wilson, Jesse Ogston, Dylan Miller, Don Craig, Jeff Forseen, Jori Hughes, Cody Fox, Andy Lubovich, Chad Vanduker, Mark Miller, Nick Daronco, Matt Anderson, Willy Thompson, Keith Niemi

Heat 1- Vanhouse, Craig, Davey, Ogston, Forseen, Fox, Vanduker

Heat 2- Anderson, Thompson, Vesel, Daronco, Wilson, Miller, Hughes

Heat 3- S.Estey, M.Estey, Kangas, Matzdorf, Lubovich, Miller, Neimi


Pure Stocks: Feature- Mike Blevins, Vic Westerlund, Eric Anderson, Gary Ruzich, Gene Schultze, Steve Reini, Jeremy Theisen, Tyler Chrysler, Jerry Ramey, Margo Butcher, Dave White, Jeff Ridlon, Anthony Cappo, Michael Ryan, Nick Cimermancic, Mitch Cannata, Nick Olson, Vinny Anderson, Steven Erickson, Lee Ruzich, Ryan Hoshal, Keith Koski, Joe Gentile, Spencer Sorenson

Heat 1- Blevins, Ryan, Ramey, Gentile, Theisen, Ruzich, V.Anderson, Olson

Heat 2- Ruzich, Koski, Schultze, Reini, Cannata, Cimermancic, Hoshal, Ridlon

Heat 3- E.Anderson, Chrysler, Westerlund, Sorenson, Erickson, Butcher, White, Cappo



Racing Legends Honored at Hibbing Raceway

posted Jul 23, 2013, 11:24 AM by Jaimie Niska

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- On Saturday evening under unusually cool mid-July skies, Hibbing Raceway honored its newest class of Hall of Fame inductees on Freddie Frand Hall of Fame Night. The 2013 class included racing legends Tom Nesbitt, Roger Carlson, and Harry “the Horsetheif” Johnson.  All three were acknowledged for their many contributions to Hibbing Raceway and Upper Midwest Motorsports in general.

The racing program opened with a make-up Pure Stock feature from June22 and current point leader Mike Blevins of Hibbing raced to his season leading fifth win. Blevins charged from the fourth row to overtake Vic Westerlund for the lead on lap 11. Following heat races and Hall of Fame ceremonies, Matt Anderson of Hibbing kicked off regular feature racing action with a win the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Anderson took the lead from Jeff Forseen on lap 7 and held off a late charge from Don Smith for his second win of the year in Hibbing.

Andy Davey of Hibbing continued his string of strong runs in the WISSOTA Super Stock division as he scored his second victory in as many weeks. Davey raced past early leader Jeremy Fink and never looked back. In the process, Davey took a one point lead over second place finisher Derek Vesel in the track championship battle. Jeff Hart of Hibbing emerged from a three wide battle with race leader Jeff Broking and current point leader Kelly Estey to win the WISSOTA Modified feature.

Harry Hanson of Eveleth charged from the eight starting position to score the win in the WISSOTA Late Models. In a race that saw three different leaders, Hanson charged past leader and Mike Baumgardner Memorial Champion Jeff Massingill to pick up the win.  Josh Loucks of Carlton made his first ever visit to Hibbing Raceway pay off by picking up the feature win in the Pure Stocks to close out the evening. For much of the race, Loucks had a spirited battle with make-up feature winner Mike Blevins and ultimately held off a last lap charge from 25th starting Eric Anderson to come away victorious.

Racing continues on Saturday, July 27, with regular WISSOTA racing and the 2nd Annual Shopping Cart Races (for fans), and then on Tuesday, July 30, for the second and final Auto Value Enduro of 2013. Then on Saturday, August 3, for the Inaugural Mining Association of Minnesota Night/American Cancer Society Pack the Stands Night. For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324.



WISSOTA Late Models: Feature- Harry Hanson, Greg Ferris, Kyle Peterlin, Travis Budisalovich, Tom Wasleski, Kyle Gavel, Kevin Carlson, George Ledin, Zach Wohlers, Don Frider, Mark Heinle, Lou Cianni, Greg Hill, Mike Vadjl, Tim Carlson, Jim Morris, Jeff Pro vinzino, Roger Paolo


WISSOTA Modifieds: Feature- Jeff Hart, Jeff Broking, Kelly Estey, Jeff Wood, Bob Broking, Jamie Davis, Cory Sersha, Johnny Broking, Devin Vanhouse, Brad Hanson, Marc Damjanovich, Rick Cannata, Skeeter Estey, Rick Niemi, Ken Mosteller, Paul Schultz, John Baltich, John Carpenter


WISSOTA Super Stocks: Feature- Andy Davey, Derek Vesel, Kevin Burdick, Tom Cianni, Tyler Kintner, Jeremy Fink, Dalton, Bob Kintner, Andy Labarge, Kevin Salin, John Toppozini, Steve Stavenger, Frank Paolo, Norm Heiskanen, Bob Preble, Loren Tardy, Tristan Labarge, Eric Pierzina, Rick Simpson, Trevor Arens


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: Feature- Matt Anderson, Don Smith, Jeff Forseen, Nick Daronco, Devin Vanhouse, Willy Thompson, Andy Davey, Bill Matzdorf, Dale Suomala, Dan Wilson, Justin Bassa, Andy Lubovich, Jori Hugues, Chad Vanduker, Dylan Miller, Cody Fox, Skeeter Estey, Pat Bolden, Mack Estey, Jerry Vesel, Jayme Lautigar


Pure Stocks: Feature- Josh Loucks, Eric Anderson, Gary Ruzich, Mike Blevins, Vic Westerlund, Gene Schultze, Mike Ryan, Steve Reini, Tyler Chrysler, Dave White, Margo Butcher, Mitch Cannata, Lee Ruzich, Stephen Erickson, Spencer Sorenson, Nick Cimermancic, Josh Clark, Jeff Ridlon, Jerry Ramey, Jarek Lamusga, Anthony Capp, Ryan Hoshal, Keith Koski, Joe Gentile

Davey Captures Super Stock Special

posted Jul 16, 2013, 9:26 AM by Jaimie Niska

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- After getting hit with torrential downpours the previous evening, Hibbing Raceway righted the ship and was ready for action for Advanced Minnesota and Quad Cities Merchants Night. 98 race teams signed in for the five divisions of racing. With threatening weather in the area, race officials decided to postpone the Pure Stock make-up feature for a future date.

As is customary at Hibbing Raceway, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds kicked off feature race action. Heat race winner and infrequent visitor Darrin Lawler charged to the early lead and found easy going the first couple circuits before facing pressure from Skeeter Estey. Estey took over on lap 5 restart with Matt Anderson in tow. The top two raced away while Skeeter’s brother Mack moved into third. Estey began to stretch his lead on Anderson after some early challenges and the top three cruised all the way to the checkered flag with little incident. The win was Estey’s second on the year in Hibbing.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were up next with 30 laps in front of them for their mid-season special paying the winner $800. Andy Davey jumped to the early lead with Derek Vesel and Trevor Arens racing side by side behind. That formation continued for the first three circuits before a massive pileup in the middle of the field slowed action. After the restart, Davey raced away with Arens in tow. Vesel  fended off Bobby Carlson momentarily before Carlson used the low side to move past for third. Carlson then disposed of Arens and set his sight on Davey. As Davey began to work traffic, Carlson rapidly closed the gap and was within striking distance coming to the white flag. Davey stayed true to his bottom groove which allowed Carlson no chance to make a move and Davey picked up his third win of the year.  

Following the Super Stock Special, Skeeter Estey took the initial lead holding off Bob Broking around the bottom before a lap 5 caution slowed action in the WISSOTA Modified feature. On the restart, Estey again rocketed off to the lead while Ryan Aho charged from the third row to move into second and closed on Estey before another caution slowed action. On the restart, Aho raced around the outside of Estey for the lead while Estey’s dad Kelly used the bottom groove to take second. As Aho led using the top groove, Estey began to cut into that margin and on lap 19, Estey used a run off of turn four to take over the point. Estey led the following circuit before a caution brought the field to a halt. On the restart, Estey continued to work the bottom while Aho moved back up top. Aho made gains every lap on the leader and the duo was side by side coming to the white flag. Aho’s high side momentum was enough to carry him past down the back stretch and hold it out of turn four for the win.

After the thrilling Modified feature, the WISSOTA Late Models rolled onto the surface for their main event.  Harry Hanson charged to the point while the rest of the field scrambled 3 wide for position behind. Zach Wohlers, and Tommy Waseleski Jr, raced side by side while Jeff Provinzino moved in to challenge. Waseleksi found the bottom groove to his liking and began to pressure Hanson for the point. Once Waseleski Jr moved inside the leader, Hanson moved up top to find extra traction but was unable to find any and settled back in behind Waseleski Jr. As the leaders negotiated traffic, Hanson closed back in but was unable to mount a challenge to the finish.

Gary Ruzich made short work of the early front runners in the Pure Stock main event en route to the lead. While Ruzich moved to the point, several cars behind him were making their way forward including including Steve Reini, multi-time winner Michael Blevins and 15th starting Eric Anderson. Multiple mid-race restarts slowed action and when racing resumed, Ruzich again raced to the lead with Anderson moving in to challenge for the lead. As the top two raced away into the back of the field, Anderson powered to the outside of Ruzich but was forced to check up for a lap car as Ruzich re-established his lead. A late restart made for a dash to the finish and with Anderson and Blevins nipping at his heels, Ruzich was able to hold on and held off one final charge from Anderson to pick up his second straight win.

In just three days, Hibbing Raceway welcomes back some of the top Sprint Car teams in the nation as the UNOH All Star Circuit of Champions 410 Sprint Cars make their return on Tuesday, July 23. Dale Blaney of Hartford, Ohio won the inaugural event in front of a near capacity crowd. For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324



WISSOTA Late Models: Feature- Tommy Waseleski Jr, Harry Hanson, Kyle Peterlin, Jeff Provinzino, Tom Wasleleski, Greg Ferris, Zach Wohlers, George Ledin, Greg Hill, Travis Budisalovich, Kyle Gavel, Mike Vajdl, Don Frider, Lou Cianni, Jim Morris, Jeff Massingill

Heat 1- Provinzino, Hanson, Peterlin, Hill, Massingill, Vajdl, Morris, Frider

Heat 2- Ledin, Waseleski Jr, Budisalovich, Wohlers, Ferris, Gavel, Cianni, Waseleski


WISSOTA Modifieds: Feature- Ryan Aho, Kelly Estey, Johnny Broking, Skeeter Estey, Cory Sersha, Ricky Roche, Brad Hanson, Rick Cannata, Rick Niemi, Jeff Wood, Sam Skalsky, John Baltich, Ken Mosteller, John Carpenter, Marc Damjanovich, Jeff Broking, Bob Broking, Jeff Hart, Paul Schultz

Heat 1- B.Broking, Hart, Estey, Sersha, Cannata, Hanson, Niemi, Skalsky, Mosteller, Schultz

Heat 2- Aho, Estey, Broking, Wood, Roche, Damjanovich, Jeff Broking, Carpenter, Baltich


WISSOTA Super Stocks: Feature- Andy Davey, Bobby Carlson, Derek Vesel, Tom Cianni, Kevin Burdick, Tyler Kintner, Trevor Arens, Dalton Carlson, Bob Kintner, Jeremy Fink, Eric Pierzina, Andy Labarge, Bob Preble, Steve Stavenger, Tristan Labarge, Kevin Salin, Kenny Swart

Heat 1- Burdick, Davey, Carlson, Arens, Cianni, Salin, Fink, Preble, Swart

Heat 2- T.Kintner, Vesel, B.Kintner, Carlson, Labarge, Pierzina, T.Labarge, Stavenger


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: Feature- Skeeter Estey, Matt Anderson, Mack Estey, Bill Matzdorf, Don Smith, Darrin Lawler, Devin Vanhouse, Dan Wilson, Dylan Miller, Nick Daronco, Charlie Castle Jr, Willy Thompson, Andy Lubovich, Josh Martin, Jori Hughes, Don Craig, Jeff Forseen, Chad Vanduker, Patrick Bolden, Keith Niemi, Andrew Inman, Zach Dockter, Cody Fox

Heat 1- Lawler, Matzdorf, Kangas, Daronco, Thompson, Forseen, Vanduker, Niemi

Heat 2- S.Estey, M.Estey, Anderson, Smith, Vanhouse, Inman, Lubovich, Martin

Heat 3- Miller, Craig, Hughes, Wilson, Dockter, Castle Jr, Bolden, Fox


Pure Stocks: Feature- Gary Ruzich, Eric Anderson, Michael Blevins, Lee Ruzich, Keith Koski, Mike Ryan, Jarek Lamusga, Dave White, Jeff Ridlon, Stephen Erickson, John Yuretich, Margo Butcher, Tyler Chrysler, Ryan Hoshal, Jeremy Theisen, Steve Reini, Vic Westerlund, Joe Gentile, Josh Clark, Anthony Cappo, Mitch Cannata, Mike Meyer

Heat 1- Blevins, Ruzich, Ryan, Gentile, Lamusga, Ridlon, Cappo, Butcher

Heat 2- Koski, Chrysler, White, Erickson, Yuretich, Hoshal, Clark

Heat 3- Westerlund, Ruzich, Theisen, Meyer, Anderson, Reini, Cannata


Massingill Captures Baumgardner Memorial

posted Jul 6, 2013, 6:35 AM by Jaimie Niska   [ updated Jul 6, 2013, 6:37 AM ]

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- After a ten year hiatus from the Hibbing Raceway, the NLRA Late Model touring series returned to action for the Mike Baumgardner Memorial presented by Beltline Body Shop, JM Auto, ArcelorMittal, and Dominos Pizza. Baumgardner was a major Hibbing Raceway supporter and race teams showed up in full force to honor Baumgardner and compete for additional prize monies for the occasion. 107 race teams from multiple states and Canadian Provinces showed up for battle and at the end, three stood tallest.

After preliminary events concluded, the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were first to the racing surface for their feature event. Outside front row starter and first time visitor Josh Heavirland charged to the lead early on and led the first seven laps before a caution slowed action. On the restart, third row starting Nick Daronco took over using the bottom of the race track and never looked back despite some brief challenges from Bill Matzdorf and a hard charging Devin Vanhouse. The win was Daronco’s first of the season in Hibbing.

 Without Super Stocks on the card, the WISSOTA Modifieds followed the Midwest Modified feature and early on Cory Sersha rocketed to the lead in search of his first feature win at Hibbing Raceway. Behind him, Jeff Broking charged into second and the top two solidified themselves before dealing with multiple mid-race cautions. Following one of the cautions, Broking was credited with the lead the prior lap and he held the point for seven laps hoping to become a two time winner before seventh starting Kelly Estey moved in to challenge. Estey searched high and low in an effort to wrestle the lead away from Broking and ultimately found his opening to take over. Estey led the final few circuits en route to his third win of the year in Hibbing.

After the Modified feature was completed, racing action was halted briefly for a fireworks show provided by the city of Hibbing. Following the fireworks, 28 NLRA Late Models rumbled onto the racing surface to close out the evening. Due to time constraints, the Pure Stock feature was postponed until July 13. By virtue of the NLRA Frisbee draw, Jeff Massingill and Dustin Strand brought the massive field to green. Massingill used the inside of the race track to take the lead with Strand in tow closely behind. As the top two began to race away, an early caution appeared for skirmish near the front of the pack. Fourth starting Kyle Peterlin was ticketed for the incident and sent to the tail but he would not stay there. Back up front, Massingill again launched out to the lead over Strand and the top two raced away from the rest of the field that was swapping positions multiple times within a lap. As the race neared the midway point, Massingill continued to lead Strand with little pressure while 14th starting Pat Doar jumped into the mix to take over third. The race continued to run clean and before long, 13th starting Tommy Waseleski, Jr., joined Doar in the hunt for the leaders who were negotiating traffic nearly a straightaway ahead. Massingill expertly worked his way through traffic not allowing Strand or Doar close enough to challenge. In the waning circuits, Massingill cruised to the victory and the ensuing jubilant victory lane celebration. Strand, Doar, Waseleski, Jr., and Peterlin rounded out the top five.

The special event portion of the schedule continues on Saturday, July 13 for the WISSOTA Super Stock Special presented by Advanced Minnesota and Quad Cities Merchants. For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324. Adds Product Incentive to Late Model purse - July 6th

posted Jul 1, 2013, 8:36 AM by Jaimie Niska   [ updated Jul 1, 2013, 8:39 AM ]

Hibbing, MN - Along with the 3rd Annual "Rumble on the Range" on Saturday, July 6, at the Hibbing Raceway, presented by Motter Equipment, Jenifer Ivanca Insurance and Domino's Pizza, Steve, Roger and Nick Pogorelc of, are offering AMSOIL product incentive for top 3 late model finishers:

1.  $912 – the listed $750 purse + $212 in AMSOIL product
2.  $760 – the listed $700 purse + $60 in AMSOIL product
3.  $682 – the listed $650 purse + $32 in AMSOIL product

See you at the track this Saturday. Hot laps at 6, racing at 6:30, featuring UMSS winged and non-winged sprints, WISSOTA late models, super stocks and Hibbing pure stocks. (No mods or midwest mods this week). PLUS, it's KIDS' NIGHT for the Sprint Car class!

Broking Blasts Off for First Win

posted Jun 26, 2013, 9:34 AM by Jaimie Niska   [ updated Jun 26, 2013, 9:34 AM ]

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- With inclement weather leading to cancellations of the previous two nights' Advantage RV Modified tour events as part of the Minnesota Melee swing and questionable weather on Saturday, officials were forced to cancel the final leg of the swing but racing went on as scheduled at Hibbing Raceway presented by Broking Transport, Premier Insulation, Como Oil and Propane, W.A. Fisher Advertising, Jennifer Ivanca Insurance, and Domino's Pizza. Future dates to possibly reschedule the Minnesota Melee swing are currently being explored. With no Late Models on the the schedule and heavy rains pounding the Iron Range over recent days, the program and racing were both fast.

Coming into the evening, the Midwest Modifieds had not had a repeat winner and Skeeter Estey was hoping to continue that trend as he raced out to an early lead over the field. Lap by lap, Estey stretched his lead, leaving little doubt who the likely winner would be. Unlike the lead, second place was very much up for grabs as multiple cars raced closely together battling for the spot. Dan Wilson, Jesse Ogston, Matt Anderson, Charlie Castle, and Devin Vanhouse all worked for the spot and it was ultimately eighth starting Vanhouse that emerged from the group. Vanhouse was able to separate from the pack but with Estey's large lead, his only chance was a caution which did not come. Estey cruised through the back of the field to pick up the win with Vanhouse holding second and Ogston third some distance back.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks followed up the Midwest Modifieds and although they had some troubles with cautions, the race would prove to be much more competitive than the previous one. Andy Labarge jumped to the early lead in search of his first career feature win in the class at Hibbing. After some brief challenges and enduring a couple restarts over the first eight laps of the race, Labarge continued to lead but as the race went on Derek Vesel increased his pressure on the leader and after thwarting several advances, a lap 11 restart would prove to be Labarge's undoing. On the restart following the fourth caution of the race, Vesel used a high side move to power to the outside of Labarge and squeezed past for the lead. Shortly after Vesel took over the point, the previous week's winner Tyler Kintner moved into second. Kintner kept pace with Vesel as the two raced away. Vesel held his momentum up high and the two finished in the same formation. The win was Vesel's second of the season in Hibbing.

With no Late Models on the schedule, the WISSOTA Modifieds were the top class for the evening's action and Sam Skalsky led the 19 car field to green, jumping to the point over Rick Niemi, and the father/son tandem of Bob and Johnny Broking. Before long, the Broking tandem blazed around the outside of Skalsky and began to pull away from the rest of the pack. Johnny Broking set a blistering pace around the outside with his father in tow a few lengths back. Behind the lead duo, the rest of the field began to move up to the top side of the speedway as the groove became dominant with the heavy cushion used for traction. Up front, the Brokings continued to pull away and quickly closed on back of the field. As they approached lap traffic, the leader Johnny Broking and a lap car came together in turn one and both spun to bring out the caution. Under caution, officials deliberated and ultimately reinstated Broking's lead. After the tense moment, Broking was not about to give up his second chance and once again, he two Brokings blasted away from the field. Late in the race, Johnny Broking once again found the back of the field but was very cautious the second time around as he cleared the lap cars with space and went on  to pick up his first career Modified victory in Hibbing. His jubilant father followed him closely to the line leading to an all Broking victory lane celebration.

The Pure Stocks brought the evening to a close with one of the more bizarre races in recent years. Normally one of the cleaner classes with limited cautions, the race became an absolute battle of attrition and only seven of the eighteen car starting field were still running at the finish. In the early going, pole sitter Stephen Erickson took the lead as a large cluster of cars scrapped and banged around for second. A lap one caution for outside front-row starting Jeremy Theisen brought some organization to the field for the restart but as the race resumed, so did the mayhem. After leading races in recent weeks, Gary Ruzich found himself out front again on the restart and was hoping this time it would hold. Three laps would click before another caution brought the race to a halt for a second time. When the race restarted, Ruzich suddenly had his hands full with Mike Blevins who was bidding to go four for four to start the season. Blevins slipped past Ruzich and pulled away briefly before Ruzich rallied to keep things close. As the top two separated from the field and remained the same order, pole-sitter Erickson lost a wheel in turn four leading to another race stoppage. Several cars departed at different times for different issues and only eleven cars remained for the restart. On the restart, Blevins led and Eric Anderson came to life briefly taking second from Ruzich before Ruzich took the position back. The battle enabled Blevins to slip away but another caution for issues in the back of the field, tightened things up once again. Anderson pulled off under caution handing third to Vic Westerlund. On the restart, Ruzich took the opportunity to challenge Blevins once again. As the duo approached came through turn four, the higher running Blevins appeared to break loose and as he worked to gather the car, the two made contact which ended with Blevins making hard contact into the front stretch barrier to end his three race winning streak. On the restart, Westerlund took a brief look inside of Ruzich but Ruzich fended him off and went on to pick up his first win of the year.

Hibbing Raceway will continue the heavily laden special event portion of the schedule hoping for better fortunes for the Mike Baumgardner Memorial on Saturday, June 29 featuring the NLRA Late Model tour. Top traveling WISSOTA Late Model teams are expected to be on hand vying for the $3500 top prize. Racing will be presented by Beltline Body Shop, J.M. Auto, Domino's Pizza, and ArcelorMittal. For more information on the Mike Baumgardner Memorial and other upcoming specials, visit or call (218) 262-2324.



WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Johnny Broking, Bob Broking, Sam Skalsky, Jeff Wood, Brad Hanson, Jeff Hart, Ryan Aho, Rick Neimi, Paul Schultz, Cory Jorgenson, Jeff Tardy, Cory Sersha, Marc Damjanovich, Ken Mosteller, Jeff Broking, Devin Vanhous, Ricky Roche, Rick Cannata

Heat 1- Hart, Aho, Jo.Broking, Wood, Estey, Schultz, Vanhouse, Cannata, Sersha

Heat 2- Skalsky, Hanson, B.Broking, Neimi, Tardy, Mosteller, Damjanovich, Broking, Roche

WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Feature- Derek Vesel, Tristan Labarge, Kevin Burdick, Bobby Carlson, Andy Labarge, Tom Cianni, Andy Davey, Trevor Arens, Kevin Salin, Kyle Oman, Mike Zasadini, Eric Pierzina, Frank Paolo, Dalton Carlson, Bob Kintner, Jeremy Fink

Heat 1- B.Carlson, Salin, Burdick, Arens, B.Kintner, Pierzina, Fink, Paolo

Heat 2- Kintner, A.Labarge, T.Labarge, Vesel, Zasadini, Oman, Carlson, Davey

WISSOTA MIdwest Modifieds:
Feature- Skeeter Estey, Devin Vanhouse, Jesse Ogston, Charlie Castle, Matt Anderson, Nick Daronco, Mack Estey, Mark Kangas, Dan Wilson, Bill Matzdorf, Willy Thomspon, Dylan MIller, Jeff Forseen, Patrick Bolden, Charlie Castle Jr, Jori Hughes, Chad Vanduker, Andy Lubovich, Cody Fox, Darrin Lawler, Andy Davey

Heat 1- S.Estey, Daronco, Kangas, Forseen, Castle Jr, Lawler, Davey

Heat 2- Wislon, M.Estey, Anderson, Thompson, Castle, Bolden, Matzdorf

Pure Stocks:
Feature- Gary Ruzich, Vic Westerlund, Nick Cimermancic, Spencer Sorenson, Jeff Ridlon, Anthony Cappo, Gene Schultze, Dave White, Jeremy Theisen, Mike Blevins, Eric Anderson, Kevin Davey, Stephen Erickson, Lee Ruzich, Keith Koski, Margo Butch, Mitch Cannata, Steve Reini

Heat 1- Westerlund, Blevins, Anderson, Davey, Koski, Cappo, White, Cannata

Heat 2- Ruzich, Reini, Erickson, Theisen, Sorenson, Cimermancic, Ruzich, Butch, Ridlon, Schultze

Remaining portion of Advantage RV mod tour "Minnesota Melee" Swing Cancelled

posted Jun 21, 2013, 12:28 PM by Jaimie Niska   [ updated Jun 21, 2013, 12:29 PM ]

The remaining Advantage RV Modified Tour presented by Watertown Ford Chrysler "Minnesota Melee" swing race at Hibbing Raceway tomorrow night, June 22nd has been cancelled due to forecasted wet weather.

This cancellation is ONLY for the Advantage RV Mod Tour portion of the Hibbing Raceway show tomorrow night. We still plan to race, mods included (no late models, this week). Discounted tickets in the grandstands ($2 off) - $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and military.

Veteran Ledin Scores Rare Sweep

posted Jun 18, 2013, 11:26 AM by Jaimie Niska

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- Hibbing, MN- For the first time in years, Mother Nature left Hibbing Raceway alone on Radko Iron and Supply/ McDonald’s Meet the Driver Night and festivities went off without a hitch. Race fans were able to mingle and collect photos with their favorite drivers prior to the evening’s action and once complete, it was back to business as usual for the 102 race teams filling the pit area.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds kicked off what would prove to be caution filled evening feature racing action. After posting a top five finish the prior week, Mack Estey raced out to the early lead in search of his first win of the year. Estey used the bottom groove on the blackened racing surface to build to his lead over the previous two weeks’ winners Charlie Castle and Matt Anderson. The only thing keeping Estey from his first feature win of the year was a series of cautions from mid-pack skirmishes. Estey was un-phased on restarts however and he held strong to the checkered flag to make for three different winners in three nights in Hibbing.

Much like the Midwest Modified main, the bottom groove appeared to be the preferred line for the WISSOTA Super Stocks and Tyler Kintner was quick to find it. Kintner charged from the outside of the third row to overtake Kevin Burdick and Tristan Labarge for the lead. Once out front, Kintner held solidly to the bottom forcing any possible challengers to make a pass on the outside. A myriad of mid-race cautions kept Kintner from gaining any large advantage and despite occasional runs at the leader by Labarge, Kintner ran solidly all the way to the finish and never looked back to pick up the win.


After the lengthy Super Stock race, the WISSOTA Modifieds also had their difficulties completing laps without stoppages. Jeff Tardy and Sam Skalsky set the pace at the outset but both would ultimately fall victim to mechanical woes. Over the early part of the race, Jeff Broking worked his way forward from the fourth row and glued his car to the bottom of the track all the way to the lead. With Broking up front, Kelly Estey moved into second and began to work to the outside of the leader hoping to remain perfect on the year at Hibbing. Countless restarts throughout the race kept things tight but each time, Broking was able to start strong and was not to be denied. As the race entered the later stages, Jeff Hart came to life and slipped past Estey for second and tried his hand at Broking. Like the previous challenger, Hart was unable to mount a bid serious enough to make a pass and Broking stayed out front until the finish.

After Broking’s victory lane celebration the WISSOTA Late Models rolled out to try their hand on the slick racing surface and like the classes before them, they had their share of troubles. Terry Lillo charged to the point early on with several cars in tow including Kyle Gavel, Greg Ferris, and Mark Heinle. Behind them, Tom Waseleski Jr. was making his way forward from the fourth row and it was soon a battle for the lead. Waseleski Jr. used the bottom of the track to pass the higher running Lillo and appeared to be the car to beat. After a handful of cautions over the first half of the race the race began to pick up some momentum and Geroge Ledin seemingly emerged from nowhere to move into second. Ledin used a higher line to chase down the lead and soon the race was on for the lead. Waseleski valiantly tried to fend off the onslaught but Ledin’s pressure was too much and he sailed past to the point. Ledin began to pull away until one final caution gave Waseleski another shot. The two made contact in turn one following the restart but both continued on with Ledin still leading. Infrequent Canadian visitor Riley Matthews moved into second but was unable to make any moves on the leader as Ledin cruised to his first win in several years.

The Pure Stocks closed out the evening and even they had trouble completing long green flag runs. Early on, it was a three car tango for the top spot between Gary Ruzich, Al Rapp, and Victor Westerlund with Ruzich leading the bulk of the laps. Between laps five through ten, multiple cautions marred the race but over that time, Ruzich continued to lead until ninth starting Michael Blevins weeded his way through to move past Ruzich in search of his third straight win. Seventeenth starting Eric Anderson soon followed Blevins past Ruzich and the top two separated from the rest of the field. Blevins was able to keep Anderson at bay over the remainder of the race as he rolled to his third win in as many race in 2013.

On Saturday, June 29, the NLRA Late Models invade Hibbing for the Mike Baumgardner Memorial Invitational. Baumgardner was a strong supporter of Hibbing Raceway for many years and very visible part of the Waseleski racing crew. In addition to winning in the honor of Baumgardner’s memory, teams will be racing for an enhanced nightly purse. 2012 NLRA Champion Brad Seng of Grand Forks will lead the invasion of teams from various areas to the west and more.  For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324.



WISSOTA Late Models:

Feature- George Ledin, Riley Matthews, Travis Budisalovich, Terry Lillo, Harry Hanson, Jeff Massingill, Mark Heinle, Lou Cianni, Aaron Lillo, Don Frider, Greg Ferris, Zach Wohlers, Tommy Waseleski Jr, Jim Morris, Kyle Gavel

Heat 1- Waseleski Jr, Hanson, Lillo, Massingill, Vajdl, Budisalovich, Wohlers

Heat 2- Ledin, Ferris, Heinle, Matthews, Cianni, Morris, Frider, Lillo

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Feature- Jeff Broking, Jeff Hart, Kelly Estey, Brad Hanson, Jeff Wood, Ricky Roche, Ryan Aho, Marcus Damjanovich, Cory Sersha, Devin Vanhouse, Johnny Broking, Rick Niemi, Cory Jorgenson, Paul Schultz, Adam Johnson, John Baltich, Ken Mosteller, Bob Broking, Jeff Tardy, Sam Skalsky

Heat 1- Tardy, Wood, Skalsky, Estey, Broking, Schultz, Roche, Jorgenson, Mosteller, Broking

Heat 2- Je.Broking, Sersha, Aho, Hanson, Hart, Damjanovich, Vanhouse, Niemi, Baltich, Johnson


WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature- Tyler Kintner, Tristan Labarge, Kevin Burdick, Andy Davey, Derek Vesel, Tom Cianni, Bobby Carlson, Dalton Carlson, Eric Pierzina, Bob Kintner, Andy Labarge, Jeremy Fink, Kevin Salin, Kyle Oman, Mike Zasadini, Steve Stavenger

Heat 1- Burdick, B.Kintner, A.Labarge, B.Carlson, Vesel, Pierzina, Fink, Cianni

Heat 2- Davey, T.Kintner, Labarge, Oman, Carlson, Zasadini, Salin, Stavenger


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature- Mack Estey, Charlie Castle, Matt Anderson, Bill Matzdorf, Mark Kangas, Charlie Castle, Willy Thomspon, Devin Vanhouse, Nick Daronco, Dylan Miller, Jeff Forseen, Jori Hughes, Dan Wilson, Justin Bassa, Josh Heavirland, Josh Martin, Patrick Bolden, Dale Schall, Keith Niemi, Skeeter Estey, Andy Lubovich, Chad Vanduker

Heat 1- Daronco, Matzdorf, Kangas, Castle, Vanhouse, Vanduker, Bassa, Neimi

Heat 2- Castle Jr, Wilson, Heavirland, Hughes, Martin, Schall, Lubovich

Heat 3- M.Estey, Thompson, Anderson, Miller, Estey, Forseen, Bolden


Pure Stocks:

Feature- Mike Blevins, Eric Anderson, Gary Ruzich, Jerry Ramey, Al Rapp, Steve Reini, Gene Schultze, Keith Koski, Tyler Chrysler, Vic Westerlund, Jeremy Theisen, Jarek Lamusga, Margo Butcher, Jeff Ridlon, Anthony Cappo, Dave White, Nick Cimermancic, Mike Sirois, Michael Haben, Stephen Erickson, Kevin Davey, Spencer Sorenson, Joe Gentile, Michael Ryan, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Hoshal

Heat 1- Rapp, Davey, Schultze, Gentile, Sorenson, Cimermancic, Butcher, Haben, Hoshal

Heat 2- Ruzich, Reini, Westerlund, Chrysler, Sirois, Anderson, Cappo, White, Lamusga

Heat 3- Blevins, Ramey, Ryan, Koski, Theisen, Erickson, Ridlon, Anderson


Repeat Winners Visit Victory Lane

posted Jun 11, 2013, 1:25 PM by Jaimie Niska

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- The seemingly endless gloomy weather in the Upper Midwest finally gave way to clearer skies and warmer temperatures just in time for Iron Mining Association of Minnesota and US Steel Minnesota Ore Operations Night. Like opening night, another solid turnout of race teams assembled for action in the five divisions of racing. In all, 105 race teams entered and by the end of the night, 5 would stand tallest.

The Midwest Modifieds came out to a newly prepared racing surface and Matt Anderson and Skeeter Estey brought the 21 car field up to speed. Estey narrowly led the first circuit as the lead duo raced side by side for several laps up front. By lap 5, Anderson edged ahead for the first time and it became apparent it was going to be settled amongst them. Anderson used the bottom groove to build his lead to a car length at the halfway point with Estey still searching to find his rhythm up high. Behind them, Estey’s brother Mack and 9th starting Don Smith were engaged in a heated battle for third. With eight laps remaining, Estey seemingly found a groove to his liking and pulled back alongside the leader but Anderson fought off the advances and slowly edged away in traffic to take the win while Estey fought off Smith and his brother in a last lap bid to steal second.

Following a hotly contested Midwest Modified main, the WISSOTA Super Stocks rolled to the grid with Tristan Labarge and Eric Pierzina set the pace. Before completion of the first lap, second row starter Tyler Kintner  blasted around the top side to take the lead. Andy Davey came along to take second while Labarge settled into third before a lap 3 caution slowed the pace. After the restart, the order remained the same with Davey applying heavy pressure to Kintner on the low side. Kintner moved down and Davey took advantage of the opening up top to race around the outside of the leader and take over up front.  Once out front, Davey set sail, leaving a three car battle for second between Kintner, Labarge, and Derek Vesel. Bobby Carlson slowly closed in on the trio to make it a five car runaway up front. With Davey racing comfortably at the point, the order remained largely the same until the finish.

After Andy Davey’s runaway win, the WISSOTA Modifieds provided fans with some late race drama. Rick Niemi and Sam Skalsky shared the front row and Skalsky charged ahead to lead the first few circuits before pulling off turn two with handling issues.  Skalsky tried to lip back to the pits before stopping to bring out the caution on lap 5. This handed the race lead to Jeff Wood who raced away from Marcus Damjanovich  but before long, Kelly Estey had crept through the pack from his fourth row starting spot to take over second before another caution slowed action. When the race resumed, Estey instantly pulled alongside Wood . The leaders ran side for two laps before Estey took command. Estey began to inch away from Wood while Jeff Hart moved in to challenge for second. Hart was able to overtake Wood and rapidly closed on Estey up front. Hart briefly pulled alongside leader with two laps remaining but Estey slammed the door on Harts bid to wrestle the lead away and raced away the final two circuits to take the win.

After an exciting late race battle in the Modifieds, the WISSOTA Late Models took center stage with Terry Lillo and Greg Ferris leading the 19 car field to green. Ferris used the outside edge of the track to rocket to the point but it was all for naught after a three car collision in the back of the field negated the start. Ferris didn’t let the early caution deter him as he once again raced away with Lillo settling into second after fending off Harry Hanson. A spin by fourth running Jeff Massingill on the ninth lap once again brought the field to a halt erasing Ferris’ large lead. After two more wrecks before a lap could be marked, the race was finally back underway and Hanson moved into second as the top two raced away but only two laps could be completed before another spin in the back of the field stopped the race in a caution plagued event. On the next restart, Hanson slipped past Ferris to take the lead but that was also negated for yet another spin. Ferris was moved back to the front but Hanson again raced past as did Tommy Waseleski Jr. and Harry Hanson. After contact between the top two, Waseleski took the lead with Hanson and Kyle Peterlin hot on his heels before another spin once again slowed the race. The caution gave Waseleski some brief reprieve and he used the restart to gain a cushion on the hungry challengers before Hanson closed back in. Hanson’s relentless pressure proved to be too much as he charged past Waseleski Jr. and Peterlin came with to take second. Peterlin then began to apply heavy pressure to Hanson but Hanson held strong over the final laps to score the victory.

The Pure Stocks finished out an exciting evening of racing and appropriately, the winner was undecided until late in the race. Gary Ruzich jumped ahead of Ryan Anderson to start the race and the top two separated from the field while battling up front. Behind them, Jerry Ramey moved to third and on lap 7, a spin on the backstretch bunched up the field by bringing out the caution. On the restart, Ramey moved inside of Ruzich and Anderson with Michael Blevins coming with to take second. The previous leader Ruzich struggled to keep pace as he lost several positions up top before ultimately pulling off with a flat tire. Up front, Ramey and Blevins raced away and just as the duo engaged in a battle for the lead, a spin in the back of the field slowed the race and third place car of Anderson exited to the pits under caution. When the race resumed, Blevins moved around the outside of Ramey to take the lead while Steve Reini moved in to battle with Ramey for second. Ramey was able to fend off Reini’s onslaught to finish second behind repeat winner Blevins.

For the first time in track history, Hibbing Raceway will welcome the Advantage RV Modified Tour on Saturday, June 22 presented by Premier Insulation Co., Broking’s Transport, Como Oil and Propane, W.A. Fisher Advertising and Printing, Jennifer Ivanca Insurance, and Domino’s Pizza. The Watertown, South Dakota based series is based largely in the Dakotas and Western Minnesota and thus many new WISSOTA Modified teams from outside regions are expected to be on hand challenging the strong local contingent.  For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324



WISSOTA Late Models:
Feature- Harry Hanson, Kyle Peterlin, Tommy Waseleski Jr, Greg Ferris, Terry Lillo, George Ledin, Mark Henile, Kyle Gavel, Zach Wohlers, Jeff Massingill, Todd Gehl, Todd Frank, Greg Hill, Jim Morris, Mike Vajdl, Jerry Vesel, Roger Paolo, Lou Cianni, Don Frider

Heat 1- Ledin, Gehl, Lillo, Hanson, Wohlers, Morris, Frider, Vajdl, Frider, Hill, Heinle

Heat 2- Waseleski, Peterlin, Massingill, Ferris, Paolo, Gavel, Cianni, Frank, Vesel


WISSOTA Modifieds:
Feature- Kelly Estey, Jeff Hart, Jeff Wood, Marcus Damjanovich, Jeff Broking, Ricky Roche, Devin Vanhouse, Ryan Aho, Johnny Broking, Bob Broking, Jeff Tardy, Paul Schultz, Rick Niemi, Cory Jorgenson, Cory Sersha, John Baltich, Adam Johnson, Ken Mosteller, Brad Hanson, Sam Skalsky

Heat 1- Aho, Jeff Broking, Wood, Damjanovich, Hart, Broking, Tardy, Johnson, Schultz, Broking

Heat 2- Estey, Nieimi, Roche, Skalsky, Sersha, Hanson, Vanhouse, Mosteller, Jorgenson, Baltich


WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Feature- Andy Davey, Tyler Kintner, Tristan Labarge, Derek Vesel, Bobby Carlson, Kevin Burdick, Tom Cianni, Dalton Carlson, Eric Pierzina, Jeremy Fink, Bob Kintner, Trevor Arens, Andy Labarge, Bob Preble, Mike Zasadini, Donnie Lofdahl, John Toppozini, Frank Paolo

Heat 1- Labarge, Davey, Carlson, Labarge, Arens, Carlson, Lofdahl, Paolo, Zasadini

Heat 2- Kintner, Burdick, Pierzina, Vesel, Kintner, Cianni, Fink, Toppozini, Preble


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Feature- Matt Anderson, Skeeter Estey, Don Smith, Mack Estey, Mark Kangas, Devin Vanhouse, Charlie Castle, Dylan Miller, Bill Matzdorf, Dan Wilson, Jeff Forseen, Jori Hughes, Don Craig, Josh Martin, Justin Bassa, Chad Vanduker, Patrick Bolden, Dale Schall, Nick Daronco, Darrin Lawler, Charlie Castle Jr

Heat 1- Kangas, Anderson, Smith, Forseen, Hughes, Vanduker, Schall

Heat 2- Matzdorf, Estey, Vanhouse, Daronco, Bassa, Castle Jr

Heat 3- S.Estey, Miller, Martin, Craig, Wilson, Lawler, Bolden


Pure Stocks:

Feature- Michael Blevins, Jerry Ramey, Steve Reini, Tyler Chrysler, Chris Miller, Vic Westerlund, Gene Schultze, Kevin Davey, Pete Travica, Gary Ruzich, Keith Koski, Spencer Sorenson, Jeremy Theisen, Jeff Ridlon, Lee Ruzich, Kevin Knaeble, Margo Butcher, Anthony Cappo, Dave White, Jarek Lamusga, Ryan Anderson, Joe Gentile, Mitch Cannata, Michael Ryan, Nick Cimermancic, Adam Palki

Heat 1- Reini, Blevins, Schultze, Ryan, Ruzich, Lamusga, Cappo, Davey, Cannata

Heat 2- Anderson, Ruzich, Travica, Koski, Miller, Sorenson, White, Knaeble, Palki

Heat 3- Ramey, Chrysler, Westerlund, Butcher, Ridlon, Cimermancic, Gentile, Theisen



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