Broking Rallies in Hibbing

posted Aug 13, 2013, 1:02 PM by Jaimie Niska

By Greg Anderson

Hibbing, MN- Heading into City of Chisholm Merchant Nights at Hibbing Raceway, there many issues to be settled on many fronts, and while some have been, many items remain heading into the final weeks before the Annual Labor Day Shootout. Several point races are tight and will remain so following the evening’s racing action. 103 race teams turned out in front of another strong crowd to continue recent momentum at Hibbing Raceway.

Following go-kart racing during intermission, Jerry Vesel charged past Don Craig to lead the opening two laps of the WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature before a lap 2 caution. On the restart, Skeeter Estey used the high-side to charge from fifth to first after the restart and appeared he was about to set sail but his brother Mack moved into second and began to challenge for the lead. As the brother tandem raced closely together at up front, the rest of the field was scrambled for position. Eventually Skeeter began to pull away from his brother Mack using his preferred top line and rode it all the way to the finish for the win. Mack would settle for second while Devin Vanhouse rounded out the podium in what likely vaulted him to the point lead with just two weeks remaining.

In the WISSOTA Super Stock feature, pole-sitter Reed Scott charged out to the lead and held the point over the first four laps while third row starters Kevin Burdick and Tyler Kintner moved in to challenge. A lap five caution reset the field and on the restart, Kintner used the bottom groove to find his way past into the lead. Burdick also slipped past and at times pulled alongside Kinter using the top but ultimately Kintner held strong despite several restarts in the middle of the race to pick up his second straight win. All three of the top point contenders finished within the top five in a battle that is surely to come down to the final week.

In what was likely the most entertaining race of the night, Ken Mosteller jumped out front to lead the initial two circuits before giving way to Jeff Broking after a lap three restart. With Broking out front, point leader Kelly Estey moved into second and began cutting into Broking’s lead using the high-side of the race track. Estey used that momentum to vault around Broking on lap 8 and began to edge away. Broking continued his path on the bottom was the top two separated from the rest of the field. With Estey out front by nearly ten cars on lap 15, Broking’s bottom groove began to come back to life and by lap 20, they were once again nearly side by side. Broking continued to dig on the bottom and made the winning pass with three laps remaining. Estey tried to rally to no avail as Broking rolled to his second feature win of 2013 in Hibbing.

Unlike the Modified feature, the WISSOTA Late Model feature was decided well before the late stages of the race. Tom Waseleski raced from the second row to lead the first lap while second was up for grabs between several cars. Waseleski stretched his advantage the first few laps before a lap 5 caution stopped the race. When action resumed, Jeff Provinzino moved in using the bottom groove to challenge Waseleski and took two laps to take over up front. Once out front, Provizino immediately began to stretch his lead while Waseleski fended off challenges from Travis Budisalovich and Zach Wohlers. Budisalovich found the outside of the track to his liking and moved in to second and appeared to be cutting into Provinzino’s lead. Before Budisalovich could gain touch with the leader, Provinzino again began to pull away and cruised to the finish to pick up the win.

The Pure Stocks closed out the evening in an eventual main event that featured four cautions and multiple other spins. Vic Westerlund bolted to the lead on the initial start in search of his first win of 2013 and things looked good in the early part of the race. Multiple cautions slowed action but each time, Westerlund would slip away from the hornet’s nest behind him. Several cars swapped positions but multiple cautions kept the race from gaining any flow. Every restart was a different story as the race neared the later stages, second running Joey Ramey spun forcing multiple cars to check up. Hard charging Michael Blevins took advantage as he raced around the outside to move into second while the rest of the field regrouped. Blevins immediately moved in on the leader Westerlund and made his move up high to take over. Blevins held Westerlund at bay the rest of the way to score his sixth win of the year.

Racing on Saturday, August 17 will feature increased stakes. Not only are point battles coming down to the wire, winners will receive an automatic bid to the Amsoil Race of Champions in Huron, South Dakota during the Annual WISSOTA 100 weekend. In addition, beer truck races will take place after the evening’s events and will be presented by Sunny Hill Distributors, Bud Light, and Hardees. For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324



WISSOTA Late Models: Feature- Jeff Provinzino, Travis Budisalovich, Greg Ferris, Zach Wohlers, Tom Waseleski, Riley Matthews, Bobby Carlson, Mark Heile, Greg Hill, Kyle Gavel, Terry Lillo, Don Frider, Harry Hanson, George Ledin, Roger Paolo, Tim Carlson, Lou Cianni, Jim Morris, Jeff Massingill, Mike Vajdl, Kyle Peterlin

 Heat 1- Budisalovich, Waseleski, Hanson, Matthews, Paolo, Vajdl, Frider

Heat 2- Ferris, Gavel, Ledin, Morris, Hill, Cianni, Lillo

Heat 3- Heinle, Provinzino, Wohlers, Massingill, B.Carlson, Carlson, Peterlin


WISSOTA Modifieds: Feature- Jeff Broking, Kelly Estey, Jeff Hart, Ken Mosteller, Cory Sersha, Jeff Wood, Sam Skalsky, Brad Hanson, Ricky Roche, Paul Schultz, Cory Jorgensen, John Baltich, John Carpenter, Rick Niemi, Bob Broking, Johnny Broking, Marc Damjanovich, Josh Beaulieu, Rick Cannata

Heat 1- Jo.Broking, Je.Broking, Estey, Hart, Sersha, Niemi, Wood, Roche, Broking, Baltich

Heat 2- Skalsky, Schultz, Mosteller, Jorgensen, Cannata, Carpenter, Beaulieu, Hanson, Damjanovich


WISSOTA Super Stocks: Feature- Tyler Kintner, Kevin Burdick, Andy Davey, Reed Scott, Derek Vesel, Andy Labarge, Dalton Carlson, Jeremy Fink, Kyle Oman, Bob Kintner, Kevin Salin, John Toppozini, Loren Tardy, Eric Pierzina, Frank Paolo, Trevor Arens, Tom Ciannai, Steve Stavenger

Heat 1- Burdick, T.Kintner, Davey, Cianni, Carlson, Salin, Tardy, Toppozini, Pierzina

Heat 2- Labarge, Vesel, Kintner, Scott, Fink, Stavenger, Oman, Arens, Paolo

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds: Feature- Skeeter Estey, Mack Estey, Devin Vanhouse, Jerry Vesel, Andy Davey, Bill Matzdorf, Mark Kangas, Dan Wilson, Jesse Ogston, Dylan Miller, Don Craig, Jeff Forseen, Jori Hughes, Cody Fox, Andy Lubovich, Chad Vanduker, Mark Miller, Nick Daronco, Matt Anderson, Willy Thompson, Keith Niemi

Heat 1- Vanhouse, Craig, Davey, Ogston, Forseen, Fox, Vanduker

Heat 2- Anderson, Thompson, Vesel, Daronco, Wilson, Miller, Hughes

Heat 3- S.Estey, M.Estey, Kangas, Matzdorf, Lubovich, Miller, Neimi


Pure Stocks: Feature- Mike Blevins, Vic Westerlund, Eric Anderson, Gary Ruzich, Gene Schultze, Steve Reini, Jeremy Theisen, Tyler Chrysler, Jerry Ramey, Margo Butcher, Dave White, Jeff Ridlon, Anthony Cappo, Michael Ryan, Nick Cimermancic, Mitch Cannata, Nick Olson, Vinny Anderson, Steven Erickson, Lee Ruzich, Ryan Hoshal, Keith Koski, Joe Gentile, Spencer Sorenson

Heat 1- Blevins, Ryan, Ramey, Gentile, Theisen, Ruzich, V.Anderson, Olson

Heat 2- Ruzich, Koski, Schultze, Reini, Cannata, Cimermancic, Hoshal, Ridlon

Heat 3- E.Anderson, Chrysler, Westerlund, Sorenson, Erickson, Butcher, White, Cappo