Late Race Drama at Hibbing Raceway(8-9-14)

posted Aug 13, 2014, 10:59 AM by janice daronco

  By Greg Anderson

 Hibbing, MN- With the dog days of summer setting in for racers and fans and the Labor Day Shootout and Invitational season in the near distance, it was back to the grind at Hibbing Raceway presented by the City of Chisholm Merchants. With small town festivals taking place all over the Iron Range, action was swift and action packed.

 To start off feature racing action in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Chad Vanduker charged out front early on but Brad Hanson moved in and worked his way around the outside for the lead. Hanson appeared to be en route to his first win of the year in the class while action behind him was hot and heavy. With less than five laps remaining, a caution appeared giving his closest competitors a shot for a last push. The last push was all Skeeter Estey needed to make a run on the high-side and race around Hanson for the lead. Hanson tried to rally back down low but Estey had the preferred line and raced to his fourth win of the year in Hibbing.


Early on in the WISSOTA Super Stock feature Andy Labarge charged to the point and led the first six laps before being overtaken by Bobby Kintner. Kintner looked strong out front, but Kevin Burdick was not far behind and began to close in on the leaders after some fierce panel bending battles in the pack. After six laps, Burdick baha’d his way to the front in the rough low-groove and set sail on the field while Kintner cruised smoothly up top. Andy Davey followed Burdick’s path in the lower part of the track and looked to hunt down the leader but it was to no avail as Burdick scored his fourth win of the year in Hibbing.


In a candidate for race of the night, the WISSOTA Modifieds put on a thrilling show for the fans in attendance. Jeff Wood and Rick Cannata got into an early slugfest running different grooves. Cannata raced the cushion while Wood dug on the bottom. The two raced in close proximity for much of the race with Cannata slightly in front lap after lap. Kelly Estey soon joined the party and it was a three-way tango for the race lead. Wood continued to work the bottom while Estey charged the middle and Cannata continued to work up top. As they continued that formation in the waning laps, Cannata held strong and scored his first win of 2014.


The other contender for race of the night occurred in the WISSOTA Late Model division. While the race appeared to be under control for Bobby Carlson, it would be decided on the final lap. In the early going, Carlson charged to the outside of George Ledin, and raced away to a large lead. While Carlson continued to build on his lead, positions were being swapped behind. Jeff Provinzino was the first to emerge for the battle with Harry Hanson in tow. While Carlson cruised through traffic, Provinzino began to close in on the leader and with two laps remaining; the race was on for the lead. Provinzino moved inside of Carlson but Carlson held strong for the first challenge. In the ensuing challenge on the last lap, Provinzino, raced to the inside of Carlson, and this time the challenge stuck as Provinzino raced ahead of Carlson to the finish line for the win.  


The Pure Stocks finished out the night and Michael Haben raced to the lead at the onset while multiple cars raced to his inside. Haben continued to lead as the race reached its mid-stages but a hard-charging  Gary Ruzich overpassed the leader to take control. From there, Ruzich sailed to the win while Margo Butcher charged hard into second after suffering a flat tire in the opening laps.


Racing on Saturday, August 16 will be presented by U.S. Steel Minnesota Ore Operations, Iron Mining Association of Minnesota and will include all five classes and Amsoil Race of Champions Qualifiers. For more information, visit or call (218) 262-2324




WISSOTA Late Models:

Feature- Jeff Provinzino, Bobby Carlson, Harry Hanson, Jeff Massingill, Kevin Carlson, George Ledin, Zach Wohlers, Roger Paolo, Terry Lillo, Jay Kintner, Mark Heinle, Steve Reini, Mike Vajdl, Matt Maki, Tom Cianni


WISSOTA Modfieds:

Feature- Rick Cannata, Kelly Estey, Jeff Wood, Devin Vanhouse, Jeff Broking, Jeff Tardy, Sam Skalsky, Ken Hron, Matt Anderson, Rick Niemi, Cory Sersha, Marc Damjanovich, Ken Mosteller, Jeffery Wood, Paul Schultz


WISSOT A Super Stocks:

Feature- Kevin Burdick, Andy Davey, Bob Kintner, Andy Labarge, Tyler Kintner, Tristan Labarge, Trevor Arens, Kevin Salin, Dalton Carlson, Austin Mcwilliam, Derek Vesel


WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:

Feature- Skeeter Estey, Brad Hanson, Mack Estey, Dylan Miller, Chad Vanduker, Mark Kangas, Bill Matzdorf, Jeff Forseen, Willy Thompson, Devin Vanhouse, Nick DaRonco, Dan Wilson, Josh Heavirland, Don Craig, Eric Pierzina, Pat Bolden, Mark Miller


Pure Stocks:

Feature- Gary Ruzich, Margo Butchcer, Victor Westerlund, Jeremy Theisen, Tyler Chrylser, Gene Schultze, Cody Herrick, Anthony Cappo, Keith Koski, Michael Haben, Dave White, Robert Adair, Cody Koski, Shauna Erickson, Stephen Erickson